Gain Job Skills

Learn about gaining job skills in this free lesson, which covers volunteering, returning to school, and other ways to build your portfolio.

Making your skills transferable

While it's important to grow and develop your job skills, you should also stop to consider what strengths you currently possess. Whether you've just graduated from school or have been working at the same job for a long time, you have already developed certain skills that can apply to a variety of jobs. These transferable skills are focused around broader concepts like communication and organization rather than on specific or technical knowledge.

As the global economy continues to evolve and recover, it will become increasingly important to understand your transferable skills. For many people, the notion of working for the same company, or even the same industry, for their entire career is no longer possible. Knowing how your skills relate to other career fields will allow you to remain flexible and employable in a changing economy.

Diagnostic tools

Understanding your transferable skills can make finding a new career path that much easier. Try using some of the resources below to determine your own transferable skills.

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