Salary Basics

Conducting salary research is essential when exploring careers. Use the information in this free lesson to start exploring salaries.

Determining your market value

Once you have a solid estimate of what you will likely earn in a given career field, you can begin assessing your own market value. Your market value is a more exact estimate of what you can expect to earn when entering a career. Your market value is determined by your experience, education, skills, and other assets you can bring to an employer.

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Try this!

Answer some of the following questions as you begin to determine your market value:

Salary negotiation

Depending on where you live and what field you're in, you may be expected to negotiate your salary. If so, when you receive a job offer, make sure you're being offered a salary that is fair and competitive. If you believe the offer is too low, cite your knowledge about average salaries in the industry and your own market value. Only negotiate if you know it's expected in your situation, however, since doing so otherwise may hurt your chances of employment.

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