Bookmarking in Chrome

In Chrome bookmarking is somewhat different from bookmarking in other browsers. Learn about bookmarking in Chrome here.

To add an existing bookmark to a folder:

You can also move any previously saved bookmarks into a folder.

  1. From the Bookmark Manager, click and drag a bookmark into the the desired folder.
  2. The bookmark will appear in the folder.
  3. You can open the bookmark from Bookmark Manager or the Other bookmarks folder on the Bookmarks bar.

To move a folder:

You can move entire folders between the Bookmarks bar and Other bookmarks folders.

  1. Click and drag a folder to move it.
  2. Moving a folder to the Bookmarks bar folder will place it directly on the Bookmarks bar.

To delete bookmarks and folders:

If you no longer use certain bookmarks or folders, you can always delete them.

You cannot delete the Bookmarks bar or Other bookmarks folders.

To search for a bookmark:

If you're looking for a specific bookmark but can't remember where it's saved, you can search for it.