Crafting Your Cover Letter

Use these cover letter tips for writing a cover letter so your job application gets noticed by prospective employers.

Cover letter tips

The following are some tips to make your cover letter the best it can be.

Gather all necessary information first

This includes the job description, name of the hiring manager, and any other research you have gathered about the company.

Follow directions

Some employers may want you to provide additional materials, such as writing samples, with your resume. Others might not accept applications that are sent via email. Before you respond to any job posting, read the directions carefully so you can provide exactly what is required.

Address your letter to a specific individual

If this is not possible, use a gender-neutral greeting, like Dear Hiring Manager or Staff Selection Team.

Write a rough draft

Focus on the purpose of each paragraph:

Use good writing techniques

Characteristics of good writing for cover letters include:

Format your cover letter to be easy to read

This should be done only after you are completely satisfied with the content of your rough draft.

Note: Our Microsoft Office tutorials cover formatting in more depth.

Consider using resume paper

If you want to make your application look extra nice, you can print your cover letter and resume on resume paper. Resume paper is sometimes also known as business or specialty paper, and it is thicker and rougher than regular printer paper. However, it's also more expensive, so you may not want to use it for every job application.