Browsing in Edge

Learn all about the Microsoft Edge browsing experience in this free lesson.

Windows and tabs

Like all browsers, Edge allows you to open new windows to view different pages. In addition, Edge allows you to open multiple websites in the same window using tabs. Tabs are usually more convenient than opening several windows at the same time.

To open a new window:

  1. Click the More button, then select New window. You can also press Ctrl+N on your keyboard.
  2. The new window will appear.

To open a new tab:

  1. Click the New tab button next to the current open tab. You can also press Ctrl+T on your keyboard.
  2. The new tab will appear. Type an address, then press Enter to navigate to a new page.
  3. The page will appear in the new tab.

To switch between tabs:

  1. Click any tab that is not currently selected.
  2. The tab will be selected.

To close a tab:

To open a link in a new tab:

Tabs can also make it easier to browse the web. If you find a link to a website, you can open that link in a new tab. This allows you to open the site without losing your place on the original page.

  1. Right-click the link you want to open, then select Open in new tab from the drop-down menu.
  2. The website will open in a new tab.
  3. Click the tab to view the website.