Aligning Text

When working in Excel 2000 aligning text can be accomplished using the steps provided in this free lesson.

Another alignment option: Merge and Center

In Excel, you have another alignment option available to you: Merge and Center.

When you merge a cell, you are selecting more than one cell and are creating one large cell. You can center the contents of a cell across the new merged cell.

Top left cell is merged and centered.

Important pointMerge and Center is helpful when creating worksheet titles.

To create a title using Merge and Center:

  • Enter the title of the worksheet in the top-left cell.
  • Select the first row of the worksheet (including the top-left cell containing the title of the worksheet). How many cells you select depends on how wide your label is.
  • Click the Merge and Center button.Merge and Center Button

Important pointExcel only centers the text in the top-left cell of the selection, so if the title is in more than one row, you will need to merge and center each title row separately.