Aligning Text

When working in Excel 2000 aligning text can be accomplished using the steps provided in this free lesson.

The Format Cells dialog box: Understanding the Alignment tab

In the Alignment tab’s Text Alignment section, there are horizontal and vertical alignment options, as shown below.

Format Cells dialog box

Important pointThe Horizontal section features a drop-down box with left, center, and right alignment options.

It also features:

  • General: This is the default alignment.
  • Fill: This fills the cell with the current contents by repeating the contents for the width of the cell.
  • Justify: This wraps text in the cell and adjusts the spacing within each line so all lines are as wide as the cell.
  • Center Across Selection: The contents of the cell furthest to the left are centered across the selection of cells. This is similar to Merge and Center, except cells are not merged.

Important pointThe Vertical section’s default is bottom. Top and center are used to position the data close to the top or center of the cell.