Moving and Copying Cell Contents

Learn all about moving cell content and copying cell content in Excel 2000 in this free lesson.

Moving and copying cell contents

If you're not happy with the location of your data, you don't have to delete it and start entering data all over again. Instead, you can move it around in the worksheet.

Basic moving and copying techniques can be reviewed in our Office 2000 tutorial.

Copying and pasting cells

The Office 2000 Clipboard is helpful if you want to transfer information within a worksheet. In fact, the Clipboard allows you to store up to 12 items and paste them one at a time or all of them at once. To turn on the Clipboard toolbar, choose ViewactionToolbarsactionClipboard from the menu bar.

To cut, copy, and paste:

  • Select a cell or cells to be duplicated.
  • Click the Copy button. Marching ants appear around the selected cells.
  • If you want to move the information from one cell to another, click the Cut button instead.
  • Click the cell where you want to place the duplicated information. The cell will be highlighted. If you are copying contents into more than one cell, click the first cell where you want to place the duplicated information.
  • Press Enter. Your information is copied to the new location.

Marching Ants Appear

Important pointSelect a cell or cells to be moved or duplicated and right-click to open the shortcut menu.

Shortcut Menu