Print Preview

Printing in Excel can sometimes be complicated. Learn about Excel printing, including setting the right print area, in this lesson.

Using Page Break Preview

To turn on Page Break Preview:

  • Choose Viewlesson actionPage Break Preview from the menu bar.
  • In Print Preview mode, the document is sized so the entire page is visible on the screen.


  • Click the Page Break Preview button while in Print Preview mode.

To adjust a page break:

  • In Page Break Preview, adjust the breaks by dragging the page break if a worksheet prints on multiple pages.

To add a hard page break:

  • In Page Break Preview, select the first row or column you want to appear in the page after the hard break.
  • Right-click and choose Insert Page Break from the shortcut menu.

Insert Page Break

To remove a hard page break:

  • Right-click in the row below the horizontal page break.
  • Choose Remove Page Break from the shortcut menu.

Remove Page Break

Important PointTo return to Normal view, choose ViewLesson ActionNormal from the menu bar.

Important PointPage Break Preview is only useful if you are dealing with multi-page worksheets.