The Excel Window

This Excel 2000 tutorial includes everything you need to know to get started with Microsoft Excel.

The Excel window

When you open Excel, many items you see are standard in most Windows 95 or 98 programs. A few things are specific to Excel 2000.

Excel Window


Toolbars can be customized and offer a series of commonly used Excel features.

Column headings

Each Excel spreadsheet has 256 columns.

Row headings

Each spreadsheet has 65,536 rows.

Name box

This shows the address and name of the current selection.

Formula bar

This displays the current entry (as you are typing or editing) or the contents of the current cell.


A cell is the intersection of a column and row. Each cell has a cell address. In the image above, the cell address of the selected cell is A1. The heavy border around the selected cell is called the cell pointer.

Navigation buttons

These allow you to easily move to another worksheet in an Excel workbook.

Sheet tabs

These allow you to move around a workbook easily.