Applying Font, Color, and Borders to Cells

Basic formatting in Excel can customize the look and feel of your Excel spreadsheet. Learn about formatting cells in Excel here.

Design and apply styles

Styles can save a lot of time when formatting a spreadsheet. A style is a unique collection of font attributes (number, alignment, font, border, patterns, and protection). Many different styles can be created in a spreadsheet, each with different attributes and names. When applied to a cell, information in it resembles the attributes defined for that style.

To apply a style:

  • Select the cell or range of cells.
  • Choose Format Style from the menu bar.

    Format and Style Menu Selections
  • Select a style from the Style name drop-down list.

    Style Dialog Box

You can change the style attributes (number, alignment, font, border, patterns, and protection) for any style name.

You can create new styles by clicking the Add button in the Style dialog box.