Creating a Chart

Excel charts let you illustrate your workbook data graphically to see trends. Also use charts in Excel to visualize comparisons.

Creating a chart using the Chart Toolbar

Charts can be created in a number of ways in Excel 2003. The quickest way to create and edit your charts is to use the Chart Toolbar.

To show the Chart Toolbar:

  • Choose View Toolbars Chart on the menu bar.

    View, Toolbars and Chart Menu Selections

Parts of the Chart Toolbar:

Chart Toolbar

Chart objects list box

This list box lets you select different parts of a chart for editing.

Format chart area

This is used to format the part of the chart that is currently selected.

Chart type

This is a drop-down menu that lets you select different types of charts. The chart type can be changed at any time.


This is used to show or hide the chart legend.

Data table

This is used to show or hide the actual source data that is used to create the chart.

By row

This plots the data series using the row labels (Y-axis).

By column

This plots the data series using the column labels (X-axis).

Angle text

This is used to rotate the angle of the X-axis and Y-axis labels.