Enter, Edit, and Delete Data

Basic formatting in Excel can customize the look and feel of your Excel spreadsheet. Learn about formatting cells in Excel here.


  • Open your Monthly Budget file.
  • Type the following data in the spreadsheet:
    • In cell A1, type Monthly Budget.
    • In cell A2, type Rent OR Mortgage.
    • In cell A3, type Car Payment.
    • In cell A4, type Cable.
    • In cell A5, type Power.
    • In cell A6, type Phone.
    • In cell A7, type Insurance.
    • In cell A8, type Credit Cards.
    • In cell A9, type Groceries.
    • In cell A10, type Gas.
  • Type your other monthly bills in Column A, cells A11-A14 (if you have any).
  • Type Total Monthly Expenses in cell A15.
  • Type Income in cell A16.
  • Type Savings in cell A17.Challenge 3
  • Save and close the Monthly Budget file.