Formatting a Chart

Excel charts let you illustrate your workbook data graphically to see trends. Learn how to format charts in Excel in this free lesson.

Formatting the chart title

The chart title can be formatted to change color, pattern, typeface, size, and alignment using the Format Chart Title dialog box.

To format the chart title:

  • Select the chart title.

    Select the Chart Title
  • Click the Format button on the Chart toolbar (or double-click the chart title).

    Chart Toolbar
  • The Format Chart Title dialog box contains three different tabs—Patterns, Font, and Alignment—that can be used to format the chart title.
  • The Patterns tab lets you define borders and fill colors (see lesson 13).
  • The Font tab lets you define font, font style, size, and color (see lesson 11).
  • The Alignment tab lets you define horizontal and vertical cell placement, as well as text orientation (see lesson 11).

    Format Chart Title Dialog Box
  • Click the OK button to accept the chart title format changes.