Moving, Copying, and Deleting Cell Contents

Basic formatting in Excel can customize the look and feel of your Excel spreadsheet. Learn how to move, copy, and delete Excel cells here.


    • Open your Monthly Budget file.
    • Move the word Insurance from cell A7 to A4 and the word Cable from A4 to A7 using the Cut, Copy, and Paste and drag-and-drop features you learned in this lesson.
    • Type January in C1.
    • Type the corresponding amounts for your monthly expenses and income in Column C.
      • In cell C2, type your Rent/Mortgage bill amount.
      • In cell C3, type your Car Payment amount.
      • In cell C4, type your Insurance bill amount.
      • In cell C5, type your Power bill amount.
      • In cell C6, type your Phone bill amount.
      • In cell C7, type your Cable bill amount.
      • In cell C8, type your Credit Card bill amount.
      • In cell C9, type your Grocery/Food bill estimate.
      • In cell C10, type your Gas bill estimate.
      • In cells C11-C14, type the amount of any additional bills you have listed.
      • In cell C16, type your Income.
Challenge 4
  • Save and close the Monthly Budget file.Note: Be sure to leave cells C15 and C17 blank.