Print Management

Printing in Excel can sometimes be complicated. Learn about Excel printing, including setting the right print area, in this lesson.

Specify a print area

In Excel 2003, you can print an entire workbook, a worksheet, a cell range, or a cell. Excel defaults to printing the entire worksheet. But if you want to print only a certain area of a spreadsheet, you can define a print area.

To specify a print area:

  • Choose View Page Break Preview from the menu bar.

    View and Page Break Preview Menu Selections
  • A reduced image of the chart is displayed on the screen.
  • Click one of four blue-colored borders, drag to highlight, then select the area to print.

    Print Range
  • Choose File Print Area Set Print Area on the menu bar.

    File and Print Area Menu Selections

Only the area you defined in the print range will print when the worksheet is submitted to the printer for printing.