Print Management

Printing in Excel can sometimes be complicated. Learn about Excel printing, including setting the right print area, in this lesson.

Printing a worksheet or workbook

Printing in Excel is much like printing in other Office applications such as Microsoft Word. As previously mentioned, Excel defaults to printing the entire worksheet.

To print a worksheet:

  • Choose File Print from the menu bar.

    File and Print Menu Selections
  • The Print dialog box opens.

    Print Dialog Box
  • Specify the printer name where the spreadsheet will print. If you only have one printer in your home or office, Excel will default to that printer.
  • In Print Range, choose whether to print All or a certain range of pages (Pages From n to y, where n and y are the beginning and ending page numbers).
  • In Print what, choose whether to print a Selection, the Active sheet, or the Entire Workbook (all worksheets in the workbook). Excel defaults to the active sheet.
  • Choose the Number of copies to print by clicking the up or down arrows.
  • Click OK to print the worksheet.

Don't print your Excel spreadsheet without checking spelling first! Excel includes two tools to help correct spelling errors: AutoCorrect and Spelling.