Text and Cell Alignments

In Excel alignment is important to be able to easily read data. Learn to format text and tables in various ways in Excel.

Using the Standard toolbar to align text and numbers in cells

You've probably noticed by now that Excel 2003 left-aligns text (labels) and right-aligns numbers (values). This makes data easier to read.

Default Alignment for Text and Numbers

You do not have to leave the defaults. Text and numbers can be defined as left-aligned, right-aligned, or centered in Excel 2003. The picture below shows the difference between these alignment types when applied to labels.

Text Alignment

Text and numbers can be aligned using the left-align, center, and right-align buttons of the Formatting toolbar:

Alignment Buttons on the Toolbar

To align text or numbers in a cell:

  • Select a cell or range of cells.
  • Click on either the Left-Align, Center, or Right-Align buttons in the Standard toolbar.
  • The text or numbers in the cell(s) take on the selected alignment treatment.