Sorting, Grouping, and Filtering Cells

The Excel sort function and Excel filter function are highly useful when working with large amounts of data.

Filtering cells

Filtering, or temporarily hiding, data in a spreadsheet is simple. This allows you to focus on specific spreadsheet entries.

To filter data:

Filter Records

To clear one filter:

Clear Filter

To remove all filters, click the Filter command.

Filtering may look a little like grouping, but the difference is that now you can filter on another field if you want to. For example, let’s say you want to see only the vanilla-related flavors. Just click the drop-down arrow next to Item, then select Text Filters. From the menu, choose Contains because you want to find any entry that has the word vanilla in it. A dialog box appears. Type vanilla, then click OK. Now we can see that the data has been filtered again and that only the vanilla-related flavors appear.