Working with Cells

When working with Excel cells function options are available that allow you to save time and work much easier within the program.


Working with CellsIt is important to know how to move information from one cell to another in Excel. Learning the various ways will save you time and make working with Excel easier. Certain methods are more appropriate, depending on how much information you need to move and where it will reside on the spreadsheet. In this lesson, you will learn how to cut, copy, and paste, as well as how to drag and drop information.

Working with cells

To copy and paste cell contents:


To select more than one adjoining cell, left-click one of the cells, drag the cursor until all of the cells are selected, and release the mouse button.

The copied cell will stay selected until you perform your next task, or you can double-click the cell to deselect it.

To cut and paste cell contents:

Cut Command Removes Information

The keyboard shortcut for Paste is the Control Key and the V key.

To drag and drop information:

Select Cells for Drag and Drop
Drag and Drop

To use the fill handle to fill cells:

Fill Handle in Corner
Fill Handle

The fill handle doesn't always copy information from one cell directly into another cell. Depending on the data entered in the cell, it may fill the data in other ways. For example, if you have the formula =A1+B1 in cell C1 and use the fill handle to fill the formula into cell C2, the formula doesn't appear the same in C2 as it does in C1. Instead of =A1+B1, you will see =A2+B2.

You can use the fill handle to fill cells horizontally or vertically.


Use the Budget workbook or any Excel workbook you choose to complete this challenge.