Outlining Data

Use outlines in Excel to help organize your data into groups and summarize data for easier analysis.

Removing groups and subtotaling

To ungroup data:

  1. Select the rows or columns you want to ungroup. In this example, we'll ungroup size Small.
    Selecting cells to ungroupSelecting cells to ungroup
  2. From the Data tab, click the Ungroup command. The range of cells will be ungrouped.
    Ungrouping the selected cellsUngrouping the selected cells

To ungroup all of the groups in your outline, open the drop-down menu under the Ungroup command, then choose Clear Outline.

Ungroup and Clear Outline will not remove subtotaling from your worksheet. Summary or subtotal data will stay in place and continue to function until you remove it.

To ungroup data and remove subtotaling:

  1. From the Data tab, click the Subtotal command to open the Subtotal dialog box.
  2. Click Remove All.
    Removing groups and subtotalingRemoving groups and subtotaling
  3. All data will be ungrouped, and subtotals will be removed.
    Data without groups or subtotalingData without groups or subtotaling