Reviewing and Sharing Workbooks

In Excel track changes and comments when proofreading worksheets. Also share Excel workbooks with others easily.

Accepting and rejecting changes

Tracked changes are really just suggested changes. To become permanent, they have to be accepted. On the other hand, the original author may disagree with some of the tracked changes and choose to reject them.

To accept or reject changes:

  1. From the Review tab, click Track Changes. Then select Accept/Reject Changes from the drop-down menu.
    Accept/Reject Changes commandAccept/Reject Changes command
  2. If prompted, allow Excel to save your workbook.
  3. Identify which changes you want to accept or reject. In this example, we'll address all the changes we have not yet reviewed.
    Identifying which changes to accept or rejectIdentifying which changes to accept or reject
  4. Click OK.
  5. The Accept or Reject Changes dialog box will appear.
  6. Click Accept or Reject for each change in the document. Excel will cycle through each change automatically until you have addressed them all.
    Accepting or rejecting each changeAccepting or rejecting each change

To accept or reject all of the changes at once, click Accept All or Reject All in the Accept or Reject Changes dialog box.