Reviewing and Sharing Workbooks

In Excel track changes and comments when proofreading worksheets. Also share Excel workbooks with others easily.


  1. Open an existing Excel 2010 workbook. If you want, you can use this example.
  2. Turn on Track Changes.
  3. Delete, add, or edit the text in several cells.
  4. Add several comments.
  5. Show all of the comments, then hide them.
  6. Save your workbook, then list the tracked changes on a separate worksheet (also known as the change history).
  7. Accept all of the changes, and turn off Track Changes.
  8. Perform a spelling check to prepare the final copy.
  9. Use the Document Inspector to check the workbook.
  10. Mark the workbook as final. If you are unable to select this option, make sure Track Changes is turned off.