Using Templates

Templates for Microsoft Excel let you create spreadsheets quickly. Use Excel templates to also ensure a consistent design throughout.

Using templates

Video: Using Templates in Excel 2010

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Excel allows you to create a new workbook using a template, which is a predesigned spreadsheet. Several templates are preloaded in Excel, while others are located on

To create a new workbook using a template:

  1. Click the File tab to go to Backstage view.
  2. Select New. The Available Templates pane appears.
  3. Click Sample templates to choose a built-in template, or select an template category to download a template. In this example, we'll download a template from
    Available Templates paneAvailable Templates pane
  4. Thumbnail images of the templates you can choose from appear in the center. A larger preview appears on the right.
  5. Select the desired template, then click Download to open it. (If using a Sample template, Download will be replaced with Create.)
    Opening a templateOpening a template
  6. A new workbook will appear using the template you chose.
    New workbook utilizing a templateNew workbook utilizing a template

Use caution when downloading templates. Some of them are uploaded by people not affiliated with Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee that these templates are free from viruses or defects. For these templates, you'll see a warning message before downloading them.

Warning message for a non-Microsoft templateWarning message for a non-Microsoft template