Working with Sparklines

If you use sparklines Excel has some excellent features. Use Excel sparklines to analyze trends in your data.

To create sparklines:

Generally, you will have one sparkline for each row, but you can create as many as you want in any location you want. Just like with formulas, it's usually easiest to create a single sparkline and then use the fill handle to automatically create sparklines for the remaining rows.

  1. Select the cells you will need for the first sparkline. In this example, we are creating a sparkline for Kathy Albertson, so we'll select her sales data.
    Selecting cellsSelecting cells
  2. Click the Insert tab.
  3. In the Sparklines group, select Line. A dialog box will appear.
    The Line commandThe Line command
  4. Make sure the insertion point is next to Location Range.
  5. Click the cell where you want the sparkline to be. In this example, we'll select the cell to the right of the selected cells.
    Choosing a location for the sparklineChoosing a location for the sparkline
  6. Click OK. The sparkline will appear in the document.
  7. Click and drag the fill handle downward.
    Dragging the fill handleDragging the fill handle
  8. Sparklines will be created for the remaining rows.
    The finished sparklinesThe finished sparklines