Worksheet Basics

In Excel basics are essential to better understand this spreadsheet program. Use this worksheet basics lesson for Excel help.

Introduction to worksheets

Video: Introduction to Excel 2010 Worksheets

Launch video!Watch the video (3:01).

When you open an Excel workbook, there are three worksheets by default. The default names on the worksheet tabs are Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3. To organize your workbook and make it easier to navigate, you can rename and even color code the worksheet tabs. Additionally, you can insert, delete, move, and copy worksheets.

Optional: You can download this example for extra practice.

To rename worksheets:

  1. Right-click the worksheet tab you want to rename. The worksheet menu appears.
  2. Select Rename.
    Selecting the Rename command Selecting the Rename command
  3. The text is now highlighted by a black box. Type the name of your worksheet.
    Renaming the worksheet Renaming the worksheet
  4. Click anywhere outside the tab. The worksheet is renamed.
    Renamed worksheet Renamed worksheet

To insert new worksheets:

Click the Insert Worksheet icon. A new worksheet will appear.

Inserting a new worksheet Inserting a new worksheet

You can change the setting for the default number of worksheets that appear in Excel workbooks. To access this setting, go into Backstage view and click Options.

To delete worksheets:

Worksheets can be deleted from a workbook, including those containing data.

  1. Select the worksheets you want to delete.
  2. Right-click one of the selected worksheets. The worksheet menu appears.
  3. Select Delete. The selected worksheets will be deleted from your workbook.
    Deleting a worksheet Deleting a worksheet

To copy a worksheet:

  1. Right-click the worksheet you want to copy. The worksheet menu appears.
  2. Select Move or Copy.
    Selecting the Move or Copy command Selecting the Move or Copy command
  3. The Move or Copy dialog box appears. Check the Create a copy box.
    Checking the Create a copy box Checking the Create a copy box
  4. Click OK. Your worksheet is copied. It will have the same title as your original worksheet, but the title will include a version number, such as January (2).
    Copied worksheet Copied worksheet