Worksheet Basics

In Excel basics are essential to better understand this spreadsheet program. Use this worksheet basics lesson for Excel help.

To move a worksheet:

  1. Click the worksheet you want to move. The mouse will change to show a small worksheet icon Mouse change.
  2. Drag the worksheet icon until a small black arrow Mouse change appears where you want the worksheet to be moved.
    Moving a worksheet Moving a worksheet
  3. Release your mouse, and the worksheet will be moved.
    Moved worksheet Moved worksheet

To color code worksheet tabs:

You can color worksheet tabs to help organize your worksheets and make your workbook easier to navigate.

  1. Right-click the worksheet tab you want to color. The worksheet menu appears.
  2. Select Tab Color. The color menu appears.
  3. Select the color you want to change your tab.
    Changing the tab color Changing the worksheet tab color
  4. The tab color will change in the workbook. If your tab still appears white, it is because the worksheet is still selected. Select any other worksheet tab to see the color change.
    Changed worksheet tab color Worksheet tab color changed