If you use sparklines Excel has some excellent features. Use Excel sparklines to analyze trends in your data.

Changing the display range

By default, each sparkline is scaled to fit the maximum and minimum values of its own data source: The maximum value will go to the top of the cell, while the minimum will go to the bottom. However, this doesn't show how high or low the values are when compared to the other sparklines. Excel allows you to modify the sparkline display range, which makes it easier to compare sparklines.

To change the display range:

  1. Select the sparklines you want to change.
    Screenshot of Excel 2013Selecting a group of sparklines
  2. From the Design tab, click the Axis command. A drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Below Vertical Axis Minimum Value Options and Vertical Axis Maximum Value Options, select Same for All Sparklines.
    Screenshot of Excel 2013Modifying the sparklines' display range
  4. The sparklines will update to reflect the new display range. In our example, we can now use the sparklines to compare trends for each salesperson.

    Screenshot of Excel 2013The updated display range