Worksheet Basics

In Excel basics are essential to better understand this spreadsheet program. Use this worksheet basics lesson for Excel help.

To copy a worksheet:

If you need to duplicate the content of one worksheet to another, Excel allows you to copy an existing worksheet.

  1. Right-click the worksheet you want to copy, then select Move or Copy from the worksheet menu.
    Screenshot of Excel 2013Selecting Move or Copy...
  2. The Move or Copy dialog box will appear. Choose where the sheet will appear in the Before sheet: field. In our example, we'll choose (move to end) to place the worksheet to the right of the existing worksheet.
  3. Check the box next to Create a copy, then click OK.
    Screenshot of Excel 2013Copying a worksheet
  4. The worksheet will be copied. It will have the same title as the original worksheet, as well as a version number. In our example, we copied the January worksheet, so our new worksheet is named January (2). All content from the January worksheet has also been copied to the January (2) worksheet.
    Screenshot of Excel 2013The copied worksheet

You can also copy a worksheet to an entirely different workbook. You can select any workbook that is currently open from the To book: drop-down menu.

Screenshot of Excel 2013Copying a worksheet to a different workbook

To move a worksheet:

Sometimes you may want to move a worksheet to rearrange your workbook.

  1. Select the worksheet you want to move. The cursor will become a small worksheet icon Mouse change.
  2. Hold and drag the mouse until a small black arrow Mouse change appears above the desired location.
    Screenshot of Excel 2013Moving a worksheet
  3. Release the mouse. The worksheet will be moved.
    Screenshot of Excel 2013The moved worksheet

To change the worksheet tab color:

You can change a worksheet tab's color to help organize your worksheets and make your workbook easier to navigate.

  1. Right-click the desired worksheet tab, and hover the mouse over Tab Color. The Color menu will appear.
  2. Select the desired color. A live preview of the new worksheet tab color will appear as you hover the mouse over different options. In our example, we'll choose Red.
    Screenshot of Excel 2013Selecting a worksheet color
  3. The worksheet tab color will be changed.
    Screenshot of Excel 2013The new worksheet color

The worksheet tab color is considerably less noticeable when the worksheet is selected. Select another worksheet to see how the color will appear when the worksheet is not selected.

Screenshot of Excel 2013Viewing an unselected worksheet color