Checking Spelling

Use spell check in Excel to eliminate spelling errors. In Excel spell check is useful for keeping Excel spreadsheets professional.


Before sharing a workbook, you'll want to make sure it doesn't include any spelling errors. Fortunately, Excel includes a Spell Check tool you can use to make sure everything in your workbook is spelled correctly.

If you've used the Spell Check feature in Microsoft Word, just be aware that the Spell Check tool in Excel, while helpful, is not as powerful. For example, it won't check for grammar issues or check spelling as you type.

Optional: Download our practice workbook.

To use Spell Check:

  1. From the Review tab, click the Spelling command.
    Selecting the spelling command
  2. The Spelling dialog box will appear. For each spelling error in your worksheet, Spell Check will try to offer suggestions for the correct spelling. Choose a suggestion, then click Change to correct the error.
    Clicking change to correct a spelling error
  3. A dialog box will appear after reviewing all spelling errors. Click OK to close Spell Check.
    Clicking ok to close spell check

If there are no appropriate suggestions, you can also enter the correct spelling manually.

Ignoring spelling "errors"

Spell Check isn't always correct. It will sometimes mark certain words as incorrect even if they're spelled correctly. This often happens with names, which may not be in the dictionary. You can choose not to change a spelling "error" using one of the following three options:


  1. Open our practice workbook.
  2. Click the Challenge worksheet tab in the bottom-left of the workbook.
  3. Run the Spell Check to correct any spelling errors in the workbook.
  4. Correct the words coffe and medum using the suggested spelling.
  5. Ignore the spelling suggestion for the word Amanecer.
  6. When you're finished, your worksheet should look like this:
    Spell Check Challenge
  7. Bonus Step! There is one error Spell Check didn't catch. Can you spot it? Hint: It's in one of the item descriptions.