Saving and Sharing Workbooks

Save and share MS Excel 2016 documents to your computer or OneDrive account. In Excel save as PDF also helps for Excel spreadsheets.

Sharing workbooks

Excel makes it easy to share and collaborate on workbooks using OneDrive. In the past, if you wanted to share a file with someone you could send it as an email attachment. While convenient, this system also creates multiple versions of the same file, which can be difficult to organize.

When you share a workbook from Excel, you're actually giving others access to the exact same file. This lets you and the people you share with edit the same workbook without having to keep track of multiple versions.

In order to share a workbook, it must first be saved to your OneDrive.

To share a workbook:

  1. Click the File tab to access Backstage view, then click Share.

    Clicking Share
  2. The Share pane will appear. If you have not already done so, you will be prompted to save your document to OneDrive. Note that you may need to navigate back to the Share pane after saving.
    Clicking Save to Cloud
  3. On the Share pane, if your document is saved to OneDrive, click the Share with People button.
    Clicking Share with People
  4. Excel will return to Normal view and open the Share panel on the right side of the window. From here, you can invite people to share your document, see a list of who has access to the document, and set whether they can edit or only view the document.
    The Share panel