Basketball Team: Player Statistics

As part of our solving real-life problems in Excel series, figure out who scored the most points overall in this interactive.

Writing the formula

Now that we know what function and cell range to use, we're ready to enter our formula, =SUM(B2:F2), in cell G2:

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It looks like Tonya scored 51 points total. Next, we'll drag the fill handle down to add this formula for the other players.

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There we go! It looks like Bella scored the most points overall. However, we could take it a bit further to make our data really stand out. For example, we could:

There's really no right answer in this case—the most important thing is to make your data clear and easier to understand. In this example, it might be especially helpful to sort the data by the total points scored from highest to lowest—this will show who the top scorer is and make it easier to rank the other players on the team. Sorting works a bit differently, depending on which spreadsheet program you're using:

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OK, now it's really easy to read our results! We can tell at a glance that Bella is the highest scorer, and we can also rank the other players.

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"Wow! Thank you!

You know, I'd love to calculate some other statistics so I can tell each of the players about something they've accomplished. Could you help me figure out how many points each of the players scored in their best-scoring game?"

Highest-scoring game for each player

Now we'll need to answer this question: How many points did each of the players score in their best-scoring game?

Now that we know what function to use, we'll start by finding the highest-scoring game for Bella in row 2.

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Before we write our formula, we'll need to decide what cell range to include in the argument.

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