Defining Page Setup Options

In Excel XP page setup options can help you make your worksheet look more professional. Learn all about using the page setup feature in Excel XP here.

Creating sheet settings

The Sheet tab in the Page Setup dialog box provides additional print options you may want to add to your worksheet.

Sheet Tab on the Page Setup Dialog Box

Print area

By default, Excel prints from A1 to the last occupied cell in a worksheet. You can specify a different range of cells to print.

Print titles

This option prints column and row labels on each page of the printout. Specify these rows or columns in the Rows to Repeat at Top and Columns to Repeat at Left text boxes.

Print: Gridlines

This determines whether gridlines are printed. However, turning off gridlines does not affect their appearance in Normal view.

Print: Black and white

If you used colors in your worksheet but don't want to waste the ink in your color printer, use black and white.

Print: Draft quality

Choose draft quality to print the worksheet without gridlines or graphics.

Print: Row and column headings

Click this option to include row numbers and columns letters in your printed document.

Page order

This determines the order in which worksheets are printed.