Editing Charts

Excel XP charts let you illustrate your workbook data graphically to see trends. Learn how to edit charts in Excel XP in this free lesson.

Changing chart data

To add data to an existing chart:

Rows or columns of data can be added to an existing chart by selecting the Add Data option on the chart menu.

  • Input any new source data into the worksheet (e.g., a new column called South America).

    Select Cell Range for New Data
  • Click the chart to select it for editing.
  • Choose ChartAdd Data from the menu bar.

    Chart and Add Data Menu Selections
  • The Add Data dialog box appears.
  • Select the cell range of new data to be added to the chart. Marching ants appear around the cell range. The selected cells are added to the Add Data dialog box.

    Specify Range in Add Data Dialog Box
  • Click OK to add the new data to the chart.