Enter, Edit, and Delete Data

Basic formatting in Excel XP can customize the look and feel of your Excel XP spreadsheet. Learn about formatting cells in Excel XP here.

Entering text in a cell

You can enter three types of data in a cell: text, numbers, and formulas. Text is any entry that is not a number or formula. Numbers are values used when making calculations. Formulas are mathematical calculations.

To enter data into a cell:

  • Click the cell where you want to type information.
  • Type the data. An insertion point appears in the cell as the data is typed.

    The Insertion Point
  • The data can be typed in either the cell or in the formula bar.

    Text is Entered in Cell or Formula Bar
  • Data being typed appears in the both active cell and the formula bar.

    Text Appears in Cell and Formula Bar When Typed
  • Notice the Cancel and Enter buttons in the formula bar.

    The Excel XP Formula Bar
  • Click the Enter button Enter button to end the entry and turn off the formula bar buttons.

Excel's AutoComplete feature keeps track of previously entered text. If the first few characters you type in a cell match an existing entry in that column, Microsoft Excel fills in the remaining characters for you.