Enter, Edit, and Delete Data

Basic formatting in Excel XP can customize the look and feel of your Excel XP spreadsheet. Learn about formatting cells in Excel XP here.


  • Type the following data into your spreadsheet:

    In cell B1, type Name
    In cell C1, type Address
    In cell D1, type Phone
    In cell B2, type Jay
    In cell C2, type 123 Street
    In cell D2, type 555-5555
    In cell B3, type Lisa
    In cell C3, type 456 Street
    In cell D3, type 555-1213

  • Edit the label entered in cell B1 using the direct cell editing method. Change Name to First Name.
  • Delete the phone number that appears in cell D3.
  • Undo the last operation.
  • Edit the phone number entered in cell D3 using the formula bar editing method. Change the phone number to 555-1214.
  • Select all the contents of any column or row.