Formatting a Chart

Excel XP charts let you illustrate your workbook data graphically to see trends. Learn how to format charts in Excel XP in this free lesson.


  • Type the following information in the worksheet:

    In cell A2, type October
    In cell A3, type November
    In cell A4, type December
    In cell B1, type Clothes
    In cell B2, type 124
    In cell B3, type 78
    In cell B4, type 97
    In cell C1, type Movies
    In cell C2, type 12
    In cell C3, type 18
    In cell C4, type 20
    In cell D1, type Books
    In cell D2, type 45
    In cell D3, type 78
    In cell D4, type 15

  • Create an embedded bar chart that plots October, November, and December on the Y axis. The legend will include Clothes, Movies, and Books.
  • Assign a chart name in the Titles tab of the Chart Options dialog box.
  • Format the chart name by assigning it a Verdana font, bold font style, a size of 20, and the color red.
  • Format the chart legend so its placement is at the top of the screen.
  • Format the X axis so the text orientation is 45 degrees for each label in the data series.
  • Select a data series color and change it to another color.