Inserting and Deleting Cells

Basic formatting in Excel XP can customize the look and feel of your Excel spreadsheet. Learn about inserting and deleting cells here.

Merging cells

In Excel XP, you have another alignment option available to you: Merge and Center. This is performed when you want to select one or more cells and merge them into a larger cell. The contents will be centered across the new merged cell.

The picture below shows why we might want to merge two cells. The spreadsheet presents last month and this month sales and expenses for Sally. Notice that Sally's name appears above the Last Month column. To evenly center Sally's name across the two cells, we'll use the Merge and Center command.

Header Label Before Merge Cell Operation

To merge two cells into one:

  • Select the cells you want to merge. It can be cells in a column, row, or both columns and rows.
  • Click the Merge Button Merge and Center button on the Standard toolbar.

    Merge and Center Button on Toolbar
  • The two cells are now merged into one.

    Header Label After Merge Cell Operation