Moving, Resizing, and Deleting Charts

Excel XP charts let you illustrate your workbook data graphically to see trends. Learn how to move, resize, and delete charts in Excel XP as well.

Resizing a chart

Charts can be resized—made larger or smaller—to fit on a worksheet. Chart titles are sized in proportion to how large or small you make the chart. And within the chart area, the legend and/or plot area can be made larger or smaller. Chart titles can be moved but not resized.

To resize a chart:

  • Click anywhere on the white space of the chart area, plot area, or legend you want to move or resize.

    Chart Components
  • Point the mouse to one of the grab handles or resize cursor—the pointer changes to a double-headed arrow—to resize the chart.

    Chart Grabhandles
  • Use the mouse to drag the sizing handle until the chart is resized to the desired size.