Print Management

Printing in Excel XP can sometimes be complicated. Learn about Excel XP printing, including setting the right print area, in this lesson.


  • Type the following information in the worksheet:

    In cell A2, type January
    In cell A3, type February
    In cell A4, type March
    In cell B1, type Bill
    In cell B2, type 3542
    In cell B3, type 7184
    In cell B4, type 6531
    In cell C1, type Mary
    In cell C2, type 2943
    In cell C3, type 6542
    In cell C4, type 7137
    In cell D1, type Bob
    In cell D2, type 3403
    In cell D3, type 7314
    In cell D4, type 6942

  • Create an embedded area chart.
  • Define a print range that includes only the area chart and not the source data.
  • Use Print Preview to preview the chart prior to printing.
  • Reset the print range to include both the source data and the area chart.
  • Insert a page break between the source data and the embedded area chart.
  • Send two copies of the two-page worksheet to print at the default printer name.