Using Functions

When using Excel XP functions play an important role in finding values for a range of cells. Learn all about using functions in Excel XP.

Finding the average of a range of numbers

The Average function calculates the average of a range of numbers. The Average function can be selected from the AutoSum drop-down menu.

To calculate the average of a range of data:

  • Type the numbers to be included in the formula in separate cells of column B (type 128 in cell B2, 345 in cell B3, 243 in cell B4, 97 in cell B5, and 187 in cell B6).
  • Click the first cell (B2) to be included in the formula.
  • Using the point-click-drag method, drag the mouse to define a cell range from cell B2 through cell B6.
  • On the Standard toolbar, click the drop-down part of the AutoSum button.

    The AutoSum Button
  • Select the Average function from the drop-down functions list.

    Specify Cell Range to Calculate Average
  • The average of the numbers is added to cell B7, or the cell immediately beneath the defined range of numbers.
  • Notice that the formula, =AVERAGE(B2:B6), has been defined to cell B7.

    Calculate the Average of a Cell Range