Facebook Groups

Use Facebook groups to connect people with similar interests. Learn all about using Facebook groups here.

All about groups

Let's say you're looking for an easy way to keep in touch with a small group of friends, like a book club or a softball team. Rather than sharing with each friend separately, you could use a Facebook group. It's easy to join an existing group or create your own. Groups make it easy for everyone to share with one another. For example, members of a group can:

Types of groups

There are three types of groups on Facebook, depending on the group's privacy settings:

To join an existing group:

Your friends can invite you to join a group at any time. However, you can also request to join an existing group.

  1. From the homepage, locate and select the Groups section.
    screenshot of Facebook
  2. The Groups page will appear. Select Discover to browse suggested groups, see what groups your friends belong to, and more. Simply click Join to join an existing group.
    joining a group

When you join a group, that information will be posted to your Timeline and your friends' News Feeds. Before joining a group, you may want to consider if you feel comfortable sharing this with all of your friends on Facebook. If you don't want everyone to see your group information, you can create your own Secret group.

To create a group:

  1. Navigate to the Groups page, then select Create Group.
    creating a group
  2. A dialog box will appear. Type a name for your group, then type the names of friends you want to add to the group; suggested friends will appear as you type. You can click a suggestion to add that friend.
    creating a group
  3. Choose a privacy setting for your group. There are three privacy options: Open, Closed, and Secret.
    choosing a group privacy setting
  4. Click Create. Finally, choose an icon for the group, then click OK. You can also skip this step if you prefer.
    choosing a group icon
  5. The group will be created. From here, you can share with everyone in the group by posting on the group wall, chatting with group members, and more.
    the created group

If you're using the mobile app, tap the Menu button and select Create Group.