Sharing on Facebook

On Facebook sharing is a common practice. Learn all about sharing on Facebook, including getting step-by-step instructions.

Likes, comments, and resharing

Sharing isn't limited to the things you post on Facebook. You can also like, comment, and reshare the other posts and stories your friends share on Facebook.

Likes and reactions

Whenever your friends share something on Facebook, you can choose to like the post. This is just a simple way of showing your friends that you enjoyed what they shared. To like a post, simply click the Like button.

liking a post

Instead of liking a post, you can respond with different illustrated emoticons, called reactions on Facebook. To do this, hover your mouse over the Like button, then select the desired reaction. If you're using a mobile device, press and hold the Like button to choose a reaction.

using the Reactions feature

You can also like the Facebook page for businesses and organizations to receive updates about them in your News Feed.

screenshot of Facebook

Note that any Facebook page you like can be posted to your Timeline and to your friends' News Feeds. This can be mildly embarrassing or revealing, depending on your interests.

Screenshot of Facebook


Whenever your friends share on Facebook, you can leave a comment about their posts. Your friends will be able to see whenever you comment on something, as will the friends of the person who originally shared the post. To leave a comment, simply type it in the comment box below a post, then press Enter on your keyboard.

commenting on a friend's post

Resharing friends' posts

Facebook makes it easy reshare the things your friends post. Just click Share at the bottom of a post to share it with your other friends.

resharing a friend's post