Sharing on Facebook

On Facebook sharing is a common practice. Learn all about sharing on Facebook, including getting step-by-step instructions.

Social plug-ins

You'll probably find social plug-ins for Facebook across the Web on other websites. Social plug-ins will usually be represented by a small Facebook icon or Like button, which allow you to share something from the site on Facebook without leaving that page.

To use social plug-ins:

  1. If you find a social plug-in, click it to share that page on Facebook.
    screenshot of Facebook
  2. A dialog box will appear. If you're not already signed in to Facebook, enter your information and click Log in.
    screenshot of Facebook
  3. Type something in the Publisher (if desired).
    screenshot of Facebook
  4. Use the audience selector to decide who you'll share the post with.
    screenshot of Facebook
  5. Click Share or Post to Facebook. The post will be shared on Facebook.