Bookmarking in Firefox

Bookmarking in Firefox helps you save the pages you like best. Review this free lesson to learn about Firefox bookmarking.

To move a bookmark into a folder:

  1. From the Library, click and drag a bookmark into the desired folder. In our example, we'll move a bookmark from the Other Bookmarks folder to the Bookmarks Toolbar folder.
  2. The bookmark will appear in the folder.

To move a folder:

  1. Click and drag a folder to move it.
  2. The folder will be moved.

Moving a folder to the Bookmarks Toolbar folder will place it directly on the Bookmarks Toolbar.

To delete bookmarks and folders:

If you no longer use certain bookmarks or folders, you can always delete them.

You cannot delete the Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Menu, or Other Bookmarks folders.

To search for a bookmark:

If you're looking for a specific bookmark but can't remember where it's saved, you can search for it.