Comparing and Reducing Fractions

When working with fractions comparing and reducing can be confusing. Get help reducing and comparing fractions here.

Comparing fractions with different denominators

On the previous page, we compared fractions that have the same bottom numbers, or denominators. But you know that fractions can have any number as a denominator. What happens when you need to compare fractions with different bottom numbers?

For example, which of these is larger: 2/3 or 1/5? It's difficult to tell just by looking at them. After all, 2 is larger than 1, but the denominators aren't the same.

If you look at the picture, though, the difference is clear: 2/3 is larger than 1/5. With an illustration, it was easy to compare these fractions, but how could we have done it without the picture?

Click through the slideshow to learn how to compare fractions with different denominators.