Teaching Tips

Helpful info creating assignments, assessments, quizzes, and more.

Teaching tips

Below are some tips on teaching our content to your students, including things to keep in mind when communicating with your students, creating assignments and examples, and adding recommendations for assessments and quizzes. These tips may be especially relevant for volunteers and service providers who are new to teaching. For tips on more technology-based material, see our Teaching Technology Tips.

General tips:

Creating assignments and example documents:


The purpose of an assessment is to have students demonstrate that they have acquired the skills you’re trying to teach them. Not all assignments are assessments; some may be for the purpose of having students practice a skill or having them experience something new. Here are some good steps to follow when you’re creating an assignment you want to use for assessment.

  1. Decide what skill you’re assessing. For example, if your students are working on navigating the Chrome interface, you might decide to assess them on that skill.
  2. Design a task. In this example, you might ask students to go to a list of websites and bookmark them, or add an app to their browsers from the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Decide what good performance on this task would look like. What do you want students to be able to do when they’re using Chrome? Are some of these things more important than others? You can decide what a good performance on the task must include based on the skills you believe are most important.
  4. Decide how you’ll apply the criteria for good performance. In formal assessments, this will probably involve deciding how the criteria will translate into a student’s grade. In informal situations, applying the criteria usually means deciding what different levels of performance will tell you about what students should do next. For example, you might feel that someone who could navigate to a site but who didn’t remember how to bookmark it should review the lesson on bookmarks in Chrome.

A note on quizzes:

We know teachers often use our quizzes in the classroom, but quizzes aren’t available for all of our tutorials. If you want to create quizzes for topics where we don’t have one, here are a few tips.