Understanding Google Privacy

Understand the Google privacy policy, how Google shares your information, and how to change your settings in this free lesson.

Web history controls

By default, Google stores a history of the web searches you perform and the websites you visit while signed in to your account. It uses this data to provide better search results and recommendations. However, if you would prefer that Google not record this information, you can pause storage of your Web & App Activity.

To pause storage of your Web & App Activity:

  1. From the privacy tools page, select Manage your Google activity.
    Clicking Manage your Google activity
  2. Then click Go To Activity Controls.
    Clicking Go To Activity Controls

  3. Click the button in the Web & App Activity section.
    Clicking the button next to Web and App activity
  4. A dialog box will appear. Click Pause to pause the storage of your web and app activity.
    Clicking Pause

Google Dashboard

The Google Dashboard brings information from the different Google products you use onto one page, making it easy to see what information Google is storing about you. It's organized by product, so you can see how many files you have on Google Drive, what posts you've shared on Google+, and more. You can also access additional privacy settings for some services like YouTube and Gmail.

Watch the video below from Google for an overview of the Google Dashboard.

To open the dashboard:

  1. From the privacy tools page, scroll down the Review Activity section. Click the section labled Google Dashboard.
    Clicking google dashboard
  2. Next, you'll be prompted to re-enter your password, even if you've already signed in. Re-enter your password and click Sign in.
    Re-entering the password
  3. Your Google Dashboard will appear. Under each product name, you can view the information for that service. You can access the settings or privacy settings (if available) for the product on the right.
    The Google Dashboard