Getting Started with Your Document

In Google Docs new document templates exist so you can create online documents in a flash. Learn all about using Google Docs here.

Page setup options

When you first create a Google document, you may want to change page setup options like page orientation, margins, or paper size, depending on the type of document you are creating. You can access these options by clicking Page setup in the File menu.

Selecting Page setup

In the Page setup dialog, you can customize several options:


  1. Open Google Docs, and create a new blank file.
  2. Change the document title from Untitled Document to Practice Document.
  3. Change the page orientation to landscape.
  4. Change all of the margin sizes to 0.5" (1.25 cm).
  5. Change the page color to a light blue.
  6. When you're finished, your document should look something like this:
    Getting Started Challenge Example