Using Indents and Tabs

In Google Docs indents are useful to draw attention to certain elements. In Google Docs tabs are helpful for text placement.

Customizing indents

You can use the three indent markers and the Ruler to create custom indents that are larger or smaller than the Tab key's default half-inch indent. When you move the indent markers, the Ruler provides a blue guide line to help you see where the indent will appear.

The three indent markers

To customize indents with the Ruler:

  1. Place the insertion point anywhere in the text or paragraph you want to indent (you can select one or more paragraphs).
    Selecting text to indent
  2. Click and drag the desired indent marker. As the marker moves, the blue guide line extends from the Ruler.
    Holding and dragging the Left Indent marker
  3. Release the mouse at the desired location. The text will indent.
    The customized indent

To indent the paragraph on the right side, click and drag the Right Indent marker.

Customizing with the Right Indent marker